6th annual ReVision Mobility Summit

2nd-3rd March 2022 Bellesalle Onarimon Tower, Tokyo
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Find the optimal business solutions to create the future of mobility

― Toward carbon neutrality, MaaS, commercial vehicle and transformation of social system ―

 The swell towards carbon neutral is about to make a big impact on the automotive and related industries. On the other hand, the hurdles for implementing MaaS / autonomous driving in mobility are still large, and the changes occurring in commercial vehicles and logistics systems have the potential to significantly change daily life. As this multitude of challenges - both domestic and global - intertwine, how should each company imagine the future and solve business issues?

 At the 6th ReVision Mobility Summit, we will consider the necessary efforts now while learning directly from key persons who are active in the front lines of domestic and international movements. Persons in charge of strategy, planning, development, etc. of the automotive industry, mobility companies, tech companies, communications / maps / research institutes / local governments / consulting / startups, etc. will directly disseminate information and have opportunities for exchange offers. The summit will be held both onsite online via a livestream, with Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation provided.


Speaker information

清水 和夫氏

Kazuo Shimizu

Automotive Journalist

白河 暁氏

Takashi Shirakawa

Corporate Officer
Division General Manager, EV・Powertrain Engineering Development Division
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

カーティス ヘイ氏

Curtis Hay

Technical Fellow
Infotainment & Connectivity
General Motors


Mandali Khalesi

Head of Automated Driving Strategy and Mapping, Vice President of Automated Driving,
Woven Planet Holdings, Inc.

小川 博氏

Hiroshi Ogawa

Executive Technical Adviser
Hino Motors, Ltd.

長沼 直樹氏

Naoki Naganuma

Segment Chief Product Specialist, Product Strategy and Product Planning Division, Product Planning Department
Nissan Motor Corporation

木下 正昭氏

Masaaki Kinoshita

Manager, Advanced Engineering Trucks Asia, Truck Product Engineering
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation

藤本 隆宏氏氏

Takahiro Fujimoto

Professor, Waseda University/ Emeritus Professor, The University of Tokyo/ Executive Director, Manufacturing Management Research Center

王 淼氏

Miao Wang

Ecosystem Partnering Director
Intelligent Driving Group
Baidu, Inc.

劉 東氏

Dong Liu

Global Marketing Partnering Manager
Intelligent Driving Group
Baidu, Inc.

ロバート ジー氏

Robert Gee

Senior Portfolio Manager, Connectivity and V2X
Business Area Architecture and Networking
Continental Automotive Systems

大森 真也氏

Shinya Omori

President & CEO
SC Abeam Automotive Consulting

井口 耕一氏

Koichi Iguchi

KPMG Mobility Research Japan/
KPMG FAS Co., Ltd.

萩原 一彦氏

Kazuhiko Hagiwara

Project General Manager
Software Production Innovation Div.
Denso Corporation

久保 鉄男氏

Tetsuo Kubo


Manuela Papadopol氏

Manuela Papadopol

Chief Executive Officer
Designated Driver

Roger C. Lanctot

Roger C. Lanctot

Director, Automotive Connected Mobility
Strategy Analytics

Takafumi Ueno

Industry Advisor, Mobility Service Sales Group
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

藤巻 好子氏

Yoshiko Fujimaki

Industry Specialist, Solution Planning & Development Division, Mobility Services Sales Group, Enterprise Group
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

田島 惠介氏

Keisuke Tajima

Manager, Business Strategy Development
Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd.

花俣 エルギュン氏

Ergun Hanamata

Sales Director, Automotive
Ericsson Japan

柏山 正守氏

Masamori Kashiyama

General Manager
DX Business Division
Executive Officer
Genetec Corporation

横田 貴史氏

Takafumi Yokota

DX Business Division
Genetec Corporation

山本 幸裕氏

Yukihiro Yamamoto

Japan Business Development

江原 伸悟氏

Shingo Ehara

Co-Founder, Director
Plug and Play Japan

淺見 知秀氏

Tomohide Azami

Executive Advisory Engineer, Urban Development Department
Oyama City

門川 正徳氏

Masanori Kadokawa

Project Leader, Business Innovation Planning Department
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

日高 洋祐氏

Yosuke Hidaka

MaaS Tech Japan

髙原 幸一郎氏

Koichiro Takahara

NearMe, Inc.

小間 裕康氏

Hiroyasu Koma氏

folofly Inc.

中尾 源氏

Gen Nakao

folofly Inc.

一瀬 聡亨氏

Toshiyuki Ichise

Executive Officer
BRJ Inc.

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Who should attend

This event is for individuals working to better CASE, vehicle development and the driver experience, who are involved in business strategy, planning, technology development, research, business development and partnerships, in the following kinds of company and organisation:

  • Automakers
  • Tier 1 suppliers
  • Auto parts manufacturers
  • Telecomms providers
  • IT companies
  • Soluion vendors
  • Contents and connected service providers
  • Sensor & recognition tech manufacturers
  • AI & AD developers
  • Voice recgonition tech developers
  • Communication module manufacturers
  • Semicon manufacturers
  • Data solution providers
  • Cloud-based tech/service providers
  • Insurance companies
  • Map developer
  • Location-based service providers
  • Trading companies
  • University・research org.・government & local administration
  • Market survey・consultant・think-tank
  • Automotive industry media

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Event 6th annual ReVision Mobility Summit
Date 2nd-3rd March 2022
Venue Bellesalle Onarimon Tower, 1-1-1 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Cost Click for registration details
Payment accepted by transfer or credit card
Expected 90 - 150 at venue (depending on the Covid-19 situation)
Expected 150 - 200 online

The venue has capacity for 572 people, as such there will be ample space to comfortably enable social distancing throughout the 2-day event.
In addition, hand sanitizer and thermometers will be readily available and the venue will undergo a deep clean to ensure a safe and hygenic environment

ZOOM webinar will be used for the summit online live streaming. Simultaneous interpretation will also be provided via ZOOM.

Those who choose "Online Participation" will be notified of the URL for online participation by the day before the summit.

After registering, you may change your means of attending, provided there is capacity to allow so

Presentation slides and panel discussion content will be made available to all attendees for a limited time, subsequent to the event

Note: There is a possibility attending will only be possible online depending on outside circumstances. Any decision in this regard will be made by mid-February
Register Click for registration
Registration will close once maximum numbers are reached

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