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Microsfot Japan Microsoft Japan Read More


マイクロソフトは、世界中のすべての人々とビジネスの持つ可能性を最大限に引き出すための支援をさせていただくことを使命として、SurfaceなどのデバイスからMicrosoft Azure、Microsoft 365,Microsoft Dynamics 365 を代表とするクラウド サービスまで多種多様な製品・サービスの開発・提供により、企業規模を問わず様々な業種業態のお客様へサービスの提供をおこなっております。

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住商アビーム自動車総合研究所 SC-ABeam Automotive Consulting Read More


Sumitomo Corporation and ABeam Consulting jointly established SC-ABeam Automotive Consulting.

Sumitomo Corporation is a general trading company that focuses on the Automobile industry as its core business. It invested in Automobile businesses that vary from development and production of Automobile parts to auto retailing as well as financial business. Running business with hands-on management, it accumulated knowledge, experience and networks that are specific to this industry. On the other hand, ABeam Consulting is the first Asian global consulting company, the successor of Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting Co., Ltd. By getting involved in numerous projects with the most practiced companies across the globe, it cultivated know-how for solutions to work on universal and innovative management, business development and profit growth beyond the bounds of countries and industries.

"Management and Operation", "Industry (production) and Market (marketing)", "Planning and Execution". These are elements that tend to be opposed to each other. Bringing key advantages of the two companies together, our specialty is to provide the best consultation to solve these complex business challenges with "speed" (instant results) and "action" (effective results).

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Ericsson Ericsson Read More


Ericsson in Japan began operations in 1985 ahead of national deregulation of the telecommunication industry. In 1989, Ericsson Japan entered its first memorandum of understanding together with leading mobile operator NTT DoCoMo. Soon after, landmark network contracts with Digital Phone and Digital TUKA groups (today part of the SoftBank Group) graduated Japan as one of Ericsson’s top five markets.

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Genetec  Genetec Corporation Read More


1985年の設立以来、国内のものづくり産業に寄与するソフトウェア・ハードウェアのシステム開発を中心としたデジタルソリューション事業および、製造現場向けに3D CAD/CAMシステム「Mastercam」や3Dシミュレーションソフト「Robotmaster」などを提供するエンジニアリングソリューション事業をコアに近年は日本初登場の3Dシミュレーションソフト「FlexSim」では、デジタルツイン構築による、工場の生産ラインや物流倉庫などのレイアウト検討における圧倒的パフォーマンスにより、お客様の生産性向上に貢献してまいります。製造現場の課題を理解し、デジタルファクトリーを実現するシステム開発からソリューションまで一気通貫で提案できるのがゼネテックの強みです。

Knowledge & Media Partners

Interested in sponsoring or exhibiting?

ReVision Mobility Summits provide automakers and their suppliers, mobility service providers, tech companies with the latest information and networking opportunities so that they can better navigate changes in the automotive and mobility landscape. If your company is position to contribute, then we want to talk to you.

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Benefits of sponsoring and exhibiting at the ReVision Mobility Summit

  • Demonstrate that your brand is seriously committed to the auto tech space and ready to lead
  • Convey your individual expertise and your company's tech ability directly to those with real influence
  • Make a lasting and positive impression by contributing new information and perspectives to the industry
  • Impress and gather new contacts at your exhibition space to foster new sales leads and partnership opportunities

It all starts with getting to your company's objectives, so contact us on:

ReVision Auto&Mobility

◆Standard sponsorship deliverables◆

As well as the typical opportunities listed below, ReVision Auto&Mobility can also provide curated webinars and content distribution opportunities. 

Keynote Presentation

  • 25-minute presentation during the morning keynote session
  • Suitable for demonstrating a high-level of commitment and thought leadership in the auto-tech and mobility arena
Afternoon Presentation
  • 20-minute presentation during the afternoon session
  • Suitable for conveying expertise regarding a particular topic area, industry challenge or a specific technology
Panel Discussion
  • 45-minute discussion alongside other automotive executives
  • Ideal for increasing brand credibility
Exhibition Booth
  • 3x2 meter space
  • Recommended as part of any sponsorship package to help the audience engage with your brand and product demos