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清水 和夫氏

Kazuo Shimizu

Automotive Journalist

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Kazuo Shimizu is a graduate of Musashi Institute of Technology, where he majored in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Since making his rally racing debut in 1972, and as the professional racing driver, he experienced Du Mans 24 Hours, Nurburgring 24 Hours and so on.

He has made his presence known in domestic and international endurance racing scenes while also building writing and speaking career in multiple media. His journalism focuses on driving and safety issues, and as a knowledgeable automotive journalist on green technology and autonomous driving that draw public attention, he has significant experience as TV commentator and symposium moderator. In addition, he counts consulting on the international auto manufacturing industry, driving school instructor. He is a jury member of the Japan Car of the Year.

藤本 隆宏氏

Takahiro Fujimoto

Professor, Waseda University/
Emeritus Professor, The University of Tokyo/
Executive Director, Manufacturing Management Research Center

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Expertise / Research Field: Technology & Operations Management / Evolutionary economics

Professional Activities (academic and others):
Executive Director, Monozukuri Kaizen Network (2013-)
Executive Director, Manufacturing Management Research Center (2004 - 2021); Professor, Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyo (1998 - 2021); Senior Research Associate, Harvard Business School (1997 ); Visiting Professor, Harvard Business School (1996); Visiting Researcher, INSEAD (1996); Visiting Professor, Lyon University (1996); Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo (1990-1998); Research Associate, Harvard University (1989); Mitsubishi Research Institute (1979-1990)

Educational Background: D.B.A (Doctor of Business Administration) Harvard University, USA (1989); B.A. (Economics) University of Tokyo, Japan (1979)

白河 暁氏

Takashi Shirakawa

Corporate Officer
Division General Manager, EV・Powertrain Engineering Development Division
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation


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1992年 4月 日産自動車株式会社入社 総合研究所 動力機構研究所 配属
2000年 4月 同 パワートレイン開発本部 エンジン制御開発グループ(先行開発)
2005年 4月 同 パワートレイン開発本部 ディーゼル性能開発グループ 主担
2009年 4月 同 パワートレイン開発本部 ディーゼル性能開発グループ 主管
2011年 4月 Nissan Motor Iberica S.A 出向 パワートレイン・実験・LCV.試作担当VP
2014年 4月 Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK)Ltd 出向 R&D担当SVP
2017年 4月 日産自動車株式会社 第二製品開発部 車両開発主管(D platform)
2018年 4月 三菱自動車工業株式会社 理事 EV・パワートレイン技術開発本部長
2019年 4月 三菱自動車工業株式会社 執行役員 EV・パワートレイン技術開発本部長

大森 真也氏

Shinya Omori

President & CEO
SC Abeam Automotive Consulting


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・Responsible for business mainly related to automobile/parts manufacturing at the Sumitomo Corporation Automotive Business Division. Involved in numerous projects, including the export of automotive parts, automobile factory construction, overseas expansion support, and the commercialization of auto parts manufacturing.
・Overseas work experience includes India (New Delhi), Iran (Tehran), and Mexico (Monterey, Mexico).
・Temporary assignment to a Sumitomo Corporation-affiliated auto parts manufacturer.
・June 2013 - Appointed Executive Vice-President of SC-ABeam Automotive Consulting.
・May 2014 - Appointed President & CEO of SC-ABeam Automotive Consulting.

上野 貴文氏

Takafumi Ueno

Industry Advisor
Mobility Service Sales Group
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.


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Roger C. Lanctot

Roger C. Lanctot

Automotive Connected Mobility
Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics

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As Director of Automotive Mobility in the Global Automotive Practice, Roger Lanctot has a powerful voice in the definition of future trends in automotive safety, powertrain, and infotainment systems. Roger draws on more than 30 years’ experience in the technology industry as an analyst, journalist, and consultant. Roger has conducted and participated in major industry studies, created new research products and services, and advised clients on strategy and competitive issues throughout his career. Roger is a prolific blogger and frequent keynote speaker at industry events. He is on the advisory boards of AutomobilityLA (part of the L.A. Auto Show) and the ITU’s Future Networked Car event. Roger’s industry leadership has been recognized by induction in the TU-Auto Hall of Fame (Informa).

Roger holds an AB in English from Dartmouth College.

カーティス ヘイ氏

Curtis Hay

Technical Fellow
Infotainment & Connectivity
General Motors

General Motors

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Curtis Hay is a Technical Fellow at General Motors. In this role Curtis develops precise GNSS, vehicle-to-vehicle, and map technologies to enable safe and reliable operation of automated vehicles. Curtis also led the team responsible for launching GM’s 4G LTE connectivity in North America, Europe and China. Prior to joining General Motors, Curtis served as an officer in the US Air Force for eight years where he developed GPS technology for precision weapons, performed satellite launch planning, and managed the GPS Accuracy Improvement Initiative. Curtis also developed precision GPS equipment to automate farm and construction vehicles while at John Deere.

ロバート ジー氏

Robert Gee

Senior Portfolio Manager, Connectivity and V2X
Business Area Architecture and Networking
Continental Automotive Systems


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Robert Gee is the Senior Portfolio Manager, responsible for the Connected Vehicle Solutions and V2X products globally, within Continental’s Architecture and Networking Business Area. In this role, Mr. Gee collaborates with customers, consortia, governments, and other companies to enable safe transportation, sustainable resource usage, and consumer information needs. He is responsible for development of new Automotive connectivity innovation areas, business consulting services, and strategy for connected vehicle products worldwide.

Spanning more than 30 years, Mr. Gee’s experience at IBM, Loral, Motorola, and other leading companies includes satellite mission control centers, military communications and air traffic control safety systems, commercial communications networks, profitably enabling SEI CMM Level 5 processes, contract management, subcontract management, and engineering on over 85 commercial and government projects.

Mr. Gee has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. He has over 20 issued patents.

Mr. Gee’s experience extends to the news and entertainment industry, in which he is a national television Emmy Award recipient for his work as a producer for CNN. He has been credited for successfully pioneering the modern contracting approach for citizen photojournalists.

Manuela Papadopol

Manuela Papadopol

Chief Executive Officer
Designated Driver

Designated Driver

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Manuela Papadopol is the co-founder and CEO of Designated Driver, a company building software for teleoperations.

She also serves as an advisory board member for Automobility Los Angeles Auto Show and Udacity.

Prior to starting her own business, Papadopol served as global business development lead at Elektrobit, a leader in automotive software. Prior to that she established the global marketing organization at Microsoft automotive.

She began her business career in public relations and marketing at BMW in 1996 moving to Mercedes-Benz as a public relations manager in 2000. Fluent in German, Spanish, English and Romanian, she holds a degree in marketing management from the Romanian-American University in Bucharest and a post-graduate degree in public relations and business development from the University of Washington.

田島 惠介氏

Keisuke Tajima

Business Strategy Development
Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd.


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Keisuke Tajima is the manager of Overseas Marketing - Asia Pacific region (mainly in China) - at Dynamic Map Platform Co., Ltd. (DMP). He is responsible for business expansion and making alliances for HD maps in Asia-Pacific.

Keisuke Tajima also equips business leaders with the knowledge and experience about digital maps and HD maps for autonomous driving required to navigate the cross-cultural challenges involved in doing business in Asia Pacific and helps them develop their own strategy for success in the region.

Keisuke Tajima had joined digital map company Increment P Corp. at its establishment in 1994. His role was car navigation system and digital map development for the Chinese market with PIONEER Corp., and had served as president of the joint venture with Chinese digital map company Beijing Lingtu Software Technology in 2007 before joining DMP in 2017.

王 淼氏

Miao Wang

Ecosystem Partnering Director
Intelligent Driving Group
Baidu, Inc.

百度(Baidu, Inc.)

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He has more than 10 years of experience in visual algorithms, digital maps including high-definition maps, specialized development of autonomous driving and product management. He was once responsible for the mass production of the world's first NDS navigation and the development of the L3 autonomous driving map mass production project. Currently, he is committed to development of high-level intelligent driving systems, intelligent cockpit platforms, innovations in intelligent transportation and industrial ecosystems.

劉 東氏

Dong Liu

Global Marketing Partnering Manager
Intelligent Driving Group
Baidu, Inc.

百度(Baidu, Inc.)

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Having worked for Japanese automotive industry and listed companies in the Chinese automotive industry, he has been responsible for sales to Japanese automakers, Tier1 and establishment of a Japanese subsidiary of a Chinese company. Currently, he is in charge of Baidu autonomous driving, automotive-related business for the Japanese market development and business communication.

花俣 エルギュン氏

Ergun Hanamata

Sales Director
Ericsson Japan


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I am a telecommunications and automotive industry expert with over 17 years of experience. I am passionate about creating innovative solutions with automotive and telecom customers in the all-connected world. My focus is on ICT solutions for connected vehicles and CASE use cases.
I have extensive experience engaging with customers globally and driving strategic engagements with customers and partners.
In my career, I worked in multiple countries. I enjoy working in an international environment and engaging people from different backgrounds to create new ideas and solutions.
I have a technical background, and I am always curious about new technologies and solutions. In the last seven years, I have been working mainly as Sales, Business Development, and Customer Engagement Manager.

横田 貴史氏

Takafumi Yokota

DX Business Division
Genetec Corporation


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東京大学 理学部地球惑星物理学科卒。

山本 幸裕氏

Yukihiro Yamamoto

Japan Business Development


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柏山 正守氏

Masamori Kashiyama

Senior Researcher, Keio Research Institute at SFC/
General Manager,
DX Business Division,
Executive Officer
Genetec Corporation


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2014年から2年間、米国法人Hitachi Consulting Corporationへ出向、シリコンバレーにてAIや自動運転に関連する技術研究とビジネス創出を行う。
MCPC AI&ロボット委員会副委員長および量子コンピュータ推進WG主査。

久保 鉄男氏

Tetsuo Kubo



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長沼 直樹氏

Naoki Naganuma

Segment Chief Product Specialist
Product Strategy and Product Planning Division
Product Planning Department
Nissan Motor Corporation


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88年入社。騒音振動実験エンジニアとしてスカイライン、シルビア等の加速サウンドのチューニング、GT-Rの先行開発に従事した後06年ドイツに赴任しニュルブルグリンクでのGT-R開発をサポート。09年イギリス拠点にてキャシュカイ開発従事後11年に帰任。マーケティング部門にて全商品の魅力性能、競争力バリデーションを担当。16年R&Dに復帰し商品目標の設定、評価責任者を経て、21年企画部門に異動し現職。 Z,GT-Rのスポーツスペシャリティーカー並びにパスファインダー、ローグ、キャシュカイ等のC/O、SUV 更にセントラ、ティアナのセダン系車種企画の取りまとめを主要業務としている。

井口 耕一氏

Koichi Iguchi

KPMG Mobility Research Japan/
KPMG FAS Co., Ltd.


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2007年KPMG FAS入社以来、事業(再生)計画立案、業績改善、ならびにM&Aにかかわるビジネスデューデリジェンス、バリュークリエーション施策立案、買収後の統合支援に係るアドバイザリー業務に従事。事業戦略の再構築、ターンアラウンド推進、組織・業務プロセスの変革、クロスボーダーM&Aなどの領域において、450件以上のプロジェクトデリバリー経験を有す。
著書に『crmマーケティング戦略-顧客と共に』(東洋経済新報社)、『CFOの実務-企業価値向上のための役割と実践』(東洋経済新報社)、『合併・買収の統合実務ハンドブック』(中央経済社)、『業種別アカウンティングシリーズⅡ 化学産業の会計実務』『業種別アカウンティングシリーズⅡ 素材産業の会計実務』『業種別アカウンティングシリーズⅡ 自動車・電機産業の会計実務』(中央経済社)、『紛争鉱物で変わるサプライチェーンリスクマネジメント』(東洋経済新報社)(すべて共書)、その他雑誌等への寄稿、企業・大学・業界団体等での講演多数。

小川 博氏

Hiroshi Ogawa

Executive Technical Adviser
Hino Motors, Ltd.

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1978年4月 日産ディーゼル工業株式会社(現UDトラックス株式会社)入社 以降26年間 商用車用パワートレイン開発に従事
2006年4月 同社執行役員常務 マーケティング & 商品企画 担当
( 平成22年2月 社名変更 UDトラックス株式会社 )
2013年5月 株式会社新エィシーイー(JARI内:旧(株)新燃焼システム研究所) 代表取締役社長 兼務 (~2016年3月)
2015年8月 Vice President, Volvo Gr Japan Representation of Sustainability & Corporate Affairs, Volvo Gr Head Quarters.
2016年3月 UDトラックス株式会社 役員任期満了につき退社
2016年4月 日野自動車株式会社入社 技監 技術渉外担当
2017年4月 一社)日本自動車工業会大型車特別委員会大型車技術企画検討会主査委


・第6期先進安全自動車(ASV)推進計画 ASV推進検討会 先進安全技術普及分科会委員(2017年1月~)
・スマートモビリティシステム研究開発・実証事業(トラック隊列走行の社会実装に向けた実証)推進委員会委員(2017年6月~) (自動走行の民事上の責任及び社会受容性に関する研究)有識者委員会委員(2017年3月~)
・自動運転基準化研究所 基準標準連携シナリオTF委員(2017年11月~)
・省エネルギー技術審議会 運輸WG 委員(2018年7月~)

中尾 源氏

Gen Nakao

folofly Inc.


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経営者の家系に埋まれ、高校1年次にアパレル輸入販売事業を開始。ネットアフィリエイトなどを利用し事業化を成功させる。2021年3月に自身が直接消費者と関われなかったことからD2C 事業としてアパレルブランド 「T HAZE」 を立ち上げ、同年7月には阪急梅田ポップアップショップの運営などを行う。学生事業家として代表の小間と出会い、株式会社フォロフライの創業から参画。物流大手のSBSホールディングスから1万台のEVトラックの受注を獲得。


Mandali Khalesi

Head of Automated Driving Strategy and Mapping,
Vice President of Automated Driving,
Woven Planet Holdings, Inc.

Woven Planet

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Mandali Khalesi is the Vice President of Automated Driving, and Head of Automated Driving Strategy and Mapping at Woven Planet Holdings. He is concurrently the Global Head of Automated Driving Mobility and Innovation, and the Project General Manager of Automated Driving & Advanced Safety System Management Div. at Advanced R&D and Engineering Company of Toyota Motor Corporation.
Originally a masters graduate in Astrophysics from University College London, Mandali moved to Japan in 1999 working in IT for local government and software companies. In 2008 he moved to Europe to work on developing location-based software products at groundbreaking companies such as TomTom NV, Binatone Telecom PLC and Nokia OY. He returned to Japan in 2014 to head up the Asia-Pacific Automotive products business for Nokia HERE. He is a former Chair of ITS Japan's Automated Driving Support Center working group, supporting the development of automated driving mobility to benefit local communities in the regions outside the Tokyo metropolis.

木下 正昭氏

Masaaki Kinoshita

Manager, Advanced Engineering Trucks Asia, Truck Product Engineering
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation


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Masaaki Kinoshita is the manager of Advanced Engineering Mechatronics at Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Bus Corporation. He joined the truck bus division in Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (current Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Bus Corporation) in 1998. He worked at the vehicle testing of powertrain performance and emission after-treatment system. He moved to the mechatronics system testing section in 2015 to be in charge of testing mechatronics system, especially ADAS. He worked at developing the first SAE level 2 automated drive system, Active Drive Assist, for Japanese Heavy Duty Truck. He moved to Advance Engineering department to be in charge of advanced development for mechatronics and autonomous drive technology.

小間 裕康氏

Hiroyasu Koma

folofly Inc.


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2010年にGLM株式会社を設立。独自開発のEV Platformをもとに、EVスポーツカー「トミーカイラZZ」を開発。

日高 洋祐氏

Yosuke Hidaka

MaaS Tech Japan

MaaS Tech Japan

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東京工業大学総合理工学部卒業後、2005年にJR東日本に入社。 ICTを活用したスマートフォンアプリの開発や公共交通連携プロジェクト、モビリティ戦略策定などの業務に従事。
在職中の2014年、東京大学学際情報学府で、日本版MaaSの社会実装に向けて国内外の調査や実証実験の実施により、MaaSの社会実装に資する提言をまとめる。2018年、株式会社MaaS Tech Japanを創業。MaaSプラットフォーム事業などを行う。国内外のMaaSプレーヤーと積極的に交流し、日本国内での価値あるMaaSの実現を目指す。
一般社団法人JCoMaaS理事。著書に、『MaaS モビリティ革命の先にある全産業のゲームチェンジ』(日経BP社)、『Beyond MaaS 日本から始まる新モビリティ革命 ―移動と都市の未来―』(日経BP社)がある。

門川 正徳氏

Masanori Kadokawa

Project Leader
Business Innovation Planning Department
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Project Leader
MaaS Business Development Department
ShareTomorrow Co., Ltd.


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Involved in automobile-related business for many years since graduating from the University of Tokyo Graduate School in 2007. He was engaged in product development / research and development in Toyota Motor Corporation. He was also engaged in business consulting for manufacturing industry including the automobile industry and telecommunications companies as a senior project manager in Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. Currently, he is in charge of MaaS project as a project leader of Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. and Share Tomorrow Co., Ltd., a new business subsidiary of Mitsui Fudosan.

淺見 知秀氏

Tomohide Azami

Executive Advisory Engineer
Urban Development Department
Oyama City


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He received his Master of Engineering degree from University of Tsukuba in 2009. He joined the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism in 2015 and was sent to Oyama City in 2017 to serve as the Director of the Urban Development Department before assuming his current position in 2021.

藤巻 好子氏

Yoshiko Fujimaki

Industry Specialist
Solution Planning & Development Division
Mobility Services Sales Group, Enterprise Group
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.


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Engaged in overseas sales, business development, and increasing uptime of operations for commercial vehicle business at two automobile manufacturers. During that time, she was stationed in the U.S. for three years and dedicating visited truck dealers, customers and Customer Satisfaction improvement. In April 2020, she joined Microsoft Japan and supports automotive industry on utilizing technology & digital transformation. His main areas of responsibility are sales, marketing, and mobility services.

江原 伸悟氏

Shingo Ehara

Co-Founder, Director
Plug and Play Japan

Plug and Play Japan

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A strong believer in “open innovation,” Shingo Ehara connects corporates with start-ups at Plug and Play, which has offices in 30 locations around the globe. Based in Tokyo, Mr. Ehara leads the Mobility sector at Plug and Play Japan to help corporates scout for new technology investment opportunities with startups in their relevant fields. In previous roles, Mr. Ehara worked at Rakuten on marketing and product integration for Viber, an Israeli startup. He also worked with Rakuten Group companies to host large online e-commerce sales events.
On a personal note, Mr. Ehara is a tech geek, car guy, and a golfer. He attended the American School in Japan and graduated from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, U.S.

髙原 幸一郎氏

Koichiro Takahara

NearMe, Inc.


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シカゴ大学経営大学院卒 2001年SAPジャパンへ新卒入社。国内外の様々な業界の業務改革プロジェクトに従事。2012年楽天に入社。物流事業の立ち上げや海外M&A案件などをリード。

一瀬 聡亨氏

Toshiyuki Ichise

Executive Officer
BRJ Inc.


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Joined BRJ (Bird Japan) after career at major shipping company and global strategic consulting firm.
Oversees the whole Bird business as Executive Officer.
Graduated from Keio University holds an MBA from Waseda University.

萩原 一彦氏

Kazuhiko Hagiwara

Project General Manager
Software Production Innovation Div.
Denso Corporation


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(株)デンソーにて、POS用ワークステーション、バーコードハンディ端末、車載ECUのハードウェア、ソフトウェア開発、車載プラットフォームのシステム開発からビジネス開発アカデミー運営等を歴任。産業技術総合研究所デザインスクール諮問委員、VDA Automotive SPICE Principal Assessor、日本SPICEネットワーク副代表。

林 愛子氏

Aiko Hayashi

Science Technology Journalist
Vice-president, Japanese Association for the Advancement of Science


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