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Since its establishment in Silicon Valley in the United States in 1996, Aeris has been providing IoT connectivity solutions to the customers around the world. In 2023, Aeris integrated the IoT business of Ericsson, a major telecommunications infrastructure provider, and currently connect and manage a total of about 100 million IoT devices in 190 countries around the world. In the automobile industry, the construction of new automobile architectures and service models are accelerating with a keyword CASE, and connectivity and data utilization are becoming increasingly important factors. From the standpoint of providing a platform for connected cars, we will contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral and better mobility society by supporting the rapid and efficient deployment of new businesses of our customers and partners.

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Interested in sponsoring or exhibiting?

ReVision Mobility Summits provide automakers and their suppliers, mobility service providers, tech companies with the latest information and networking opportunities so that they can better navigate changes in the automotive and mobility landscape. If your company is position to contribute, then we want to talk to you.

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Benefits of sponsoring and exhibiting at the ReVision Mobility Summit

  • Demonstrate that your brand is seriously committed to the auto tech space and ready to lead
  • Convey your individual expertise and your company's tech ability directly to those with real influence
  • Make a lasting and positive impression by contributing new information and perspectives to the industry
  • Impress and gather new contacts at your exhibition space to foster new sales leads and partnership opportunities

It all starts with getting to your company's objectives, so contact us on:

ReVision Auto&Mobility

◆Standard sponsorship deliverables◆

As well as the typical opportunities listed below, ReVision Auto&Mobility can also provide curated webinars and content distribution opportunities. 

Keynote Presentation

  • 25-minute presentation during the morning keynote session
  • Suitable for demonstrating a high-level of commitment and thought leadership in the auto-tech and mobility arena
Afternoon Presentation
  • 20-minute presentation during the afternoon session
  • Suitable for conveying expertise regarding a particular topic area, industry challenge or a specific technology
Panel Discussion
  • 45-minute discussion alongside other automotive executives
  • Ideal for increasing brand credibility
Exhibition Booth
  • 3x2 meter space
  • Recommended as part of any sponsorship package to help the audience engage with your brand and product demos