ReVision Mobility Summit 2024

28th February 2024 Belle Salle Kudan Hall, Tokyo
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How will the evolution of mobility enhance daily life and society?

― Explore how to unlock regional value with sustainable business models ―


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 Government and local agencies, automakers, rail and bus operators, and start-ups are bringing their unique ideas, strengths, and technologies to tackle challenges: challenges that are changing how people move and live, and the very shape of towns and cities. How can the mobility community transform these challenges into value, while underpinning that value with viable business models?。

 The ReVision Mobility Summit 2024 will bring clarity to the multitude of challenges in mobility in order to create value and business models, address lifestyle changes and manifest a shared vision of mobility in both cities and regions. This summit should be attended by individuals who are invested in strategy for mobility, developing new business in mobility, building new technology to further mobility. Anyone is welcome to register, especially inviduals from mobility providers, mobility tech start-ups, local transport companies and authorities, local government, automakers and parts suppliers, mobility research instituions and consultants.


Speaker page

倉石 誠司 氏

Seiji Kuraishi

National Planning Division, National Spatial Planning and Regional Policy Bureau
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

太田 幸一 氏

Koichi Ota

Sector Head
Advanced Industry Promotion Office
Industrial Promotion Division
Shiojiri City

安井 裕司 氏

Yuji Yasui

Executive Chief Engineer
Innovative Research Excellence, Computer Science Domain
Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

沖野 和雄 氏

Kazuo Okino

Project General Manager
Mobility Service Group, Digital Solution Dept.
Toyota Financial Services Corporation

倉田 剛 氏

Takeshi Kurata

KPMG Consulting Co., Ltd.
KPMG Mobility Research Japan

佐野 将宣 氏

Masanobu Sano

General Manager
Business Change Headquarters
Tokyu Bus Corporation

加瀬 正和 氏

Masakazu Kase

Digital Data Analytics
GeoTechnologies, Inc.

宮﨑 純一 氏

Junichi Miyazaki

ITS Solution Dev.
PTV Group Japan Ltd.

三好 航 氏

Ko Miyoshi

Chief Strategy Officer

松木 創 氏

So Matsuki

Community Development, Transportation and Tourism
Promotion Department
Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.

池 あい子 氏

Aiko Ike

R&D Dept.

髙原 幸一郎 氏

Koichiro Takahara

NearMe, Inc.

工藤 智彰 氏

Tomoaki Kudo

President and Representative Director CEO
OpenStreet Co., Ltd.

林 愛子氏

Aiko Hayashi

Science Technology Journalist
Science Designer


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This event is for strategists, planners, technology developers, business alliance seekers working to further the mobility cause from the following types of companies:

  • Mobility providers
  • Automakers
  • Rail and bus operators
  • Vehicle parts manufacturers
  • Technology providers
  • Map and LBS providers
  • Connectivity enablers
  • Consultants and thinktanks
  • Mobility start-ups
  • Insurance and mobility investors
  • Government and local authorities
  • University and research institutes

Event overview

Title ReVision Mobility Summit 2024
Date 28th February 2024
Venue Bellesalle Kudan Hall
Sumitomo Realty & Development Kudan Building, 1-8-10 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073 3F



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Payment accepted by transfer or credit card

The ReVision Mobility Summit aims to develop Japan's mobility community.
As such, heads of department from mobility providers (rail, busy, micro mobility companies operating for profit, and automakers) can register for a free. This is limited to on-site participation, 20 people and 2 people max per company

Attendee numbers
120-150 anticipated, including onsite and online attendees。

The venue has capacity for 475 people, as such there will be ample space to comfortably enable social distancing throughout the 1-day event.
In addition, hand sanitizer and thermometers will be readily available and the venue will undergo a deep clean to ensure a safe and hygienic environment.

ZOOM webinar will be used for the summit online live streaming.
Those who register for online attendance will be notified of the event URL the day before the summit.

After registering, you may change your means of attending, provided there is capacity to allow so and notifcation is received one week prior to the event at the latest

Presentation slides and panel discussion content will be made available to all attendees for a limited time, subsequent to the event

Registration Click for registration
。Registration will close if maximum numbers are reached.
Organiser ReVision Auto&Mobility
part of InBridges Co., Ltd. TEL:03-6403-3835