ReVision Commercial Vehicle & Logistics Summit 2024

29th February 2024 Belle Salle Kudan Hall, Tokyo
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How can technology and industry challenges be catalysts for advancing logistics systems and commercial vehicles?

― digital transformation of logistics, open innovation, evolving truck technology ―


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 Japan's logistics industry is facing tough challenges on several fronts: alongside the rapid increase in the number of deliveries there is a shortage of drivers, additionally the so-called "2024 problem" means that drivers' labour hours will be legally restricted. The pursuit of opportunities to leverage truck and logistics data, to automate and decarbonization the fleet is spurring on technological development and innovation in the industry. How can these technological developments and innovation be leveraged to overcome current challenges and begin to re-shape logistics?

 The ReVision Commercial Vehicle & Logistics Summit 2024 will be a platform for logistics companies, commercial vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, cargo owners, technology companies, logistics start-ups, government and local administration to share their perspectives on and solutions to current industry challenges.



小野塚 征志 氏

Masashi Onozuka

Roland Berger Ltd.

中野 剛志 氏

Takeshi Nakano

Director - Consumer Affairs, Distribution and Retail Industry Division  -Logistics Policy Planning Office
Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group
Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry

河合 秀治 氏

Shuji Kawai

Executive Officer
Open Innovation Planning Division, Manager
Last One Mile Planning Team, Operating officer
Seino Holdings Co., Ltd.

五味 儀裕 氏

Yoshihiro Gomi

Executive Officer
Postal Operations Division

塚田 哲也 氏

Tetsuya Tsukada

Senior General Manager
Logistics Department
Supply Chain Division
Suntory Holdings Limited

小川 博 氏

Hiroshi Ogawa

「RoAD to the L4」Theme 3 Leader
Technical Adviser
NEXTY Electronics Corporation

梅村 幸生 氏

Yukio Umemura

President & CEO
NEXT Logistics Japan, Ltd.

野間 高明 氏

Takaaki Noma

Head of Metaverse BU Maps & LBS
Metaverse BU Maps & LBS
GeoTechnologies, Inc.

狭間 健志 氏

Kenji Hazama

Hacobell Inc.

松本 勝成 氏

Katsunari Matsumoto

Executive Officer
Office of the President and Business Planning Dept.
ASF Inc.

林 愛子氏

Aiko Hayashi

Science Technology Journalist
Science Designer


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This event is for strategists, planners, technology developers, business alliance seekers working to grow the commercial vehicle and logistics industry from the following types of companies。

  • Logistics companies, 3PL
  • Commercial vehicle OEMs
  • Freight and transport companies
  • Auto OEMs and part suppliers
  • Technology companies
  • Map data providers
  • Connectivity providers
  • Consultant and thinktanks
  • Startups
  • Investment and insurance
  • Government and local admin
  • University and research insitutions

Summit overview

Tite ReVision Commercial Vehicle & Logistics Summit 2024
Date 29th February 2024
Venue Bellesalle Kudan Hall
Sumitomo Realty & Development Kudan Building, 1-8-10 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0073 3F
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Payment accepted by transfer or credit card

The ReVision Commercial Vehicle & Logistics Summit aims to develop Japan's commercial vehicle and logistics community.
As such heads of departments from commercial vehicle and logistics companies (commercial vehicle OEMS, companies operating a fleet for goods distribution, and cargo owners) can register for a free. This is limited to on-site participation, 20 people and 2 people max per company.

Attendee numbers
How to attende
120-150 anticipated, including onsite and online attendees。

The venue has capacity for 475 people, as such there will be ample space to comfortably enable social distancing throughout the 1-day event.
In addition, hand sanitizer and thermometers will be readily available and the venue will undergo a deep clean to ensure a safe and hygienic environment.

ZOOM webinar will be used for the summit online live streaming.
Those who register for online attendance will be notified of the event URL the day before the summit.

After registering, you may change your means of attending, provided there is capacity to allow so and notifcation is received one week prior to the event at the latest

Presentation slides and panel discussion content will be made available to all attendees for a limited time, subsequent to the event

Registration Click for registration.Registration will close if maximum numbers are reached.
Organiser ReVision Auto&Mobility
part of InBridges Co., Ltd. TEL:03-6403-3835