The 5th ReVision Mobility Summit
March 10-11th 2021, Belle Salle Hanzomon, Tokyo & Online

Create an industry-wide vision for mobility and its business models

-Trends & technology in CASE, MaaS, smart cities, data utilization and logistics -


Everyday life as we know it has changed dramatically over the last year. Despite this, the pace of change in automotive and mobility technology continues to accelerate. As well as for CASE・MaaS, a raft of technological advances and ideas is manifest in urban planning, lifestyle, data utilization and the distribution of goods arenas. Now is the time to grasp user needs and determine where automakers and mobility companies should focus their efforts to create new value.

The 5th ReVision Mobility Summit aims to create a shared vision for mobility moving forward and determine what industry-wide initiatives are required. With a renewed sense of opportunity, leading companies and experts from across the automotive and mobility value chains will come together to discuss CASE・MaaS technology and strategy, smart cities, data utilization, distribution , while forming important business connections.